Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to install SKINS(=THEMES) in motorazr v3i???

for motorazrv3i users, we don't have themes as like other phones. but we can change the look by applying SKINS, we can apply them by using SKIMAN program. Download the program here by using the following link


u can download some skins from this blog.. skins see other posts, download from the links(our phone needs computer even for a simple procedure like ipods)

Steps to apply skins

  1. Install the SKIMAN program in computer
  2. connect the phone to computer through data cable(Make sure that SKIMAN is not running)
  3. Start SKIMAN(when ski man is running you can't operate the phone for other uses like itunes or memory card, and virtually phone is not connected to computer..) when program starts, it initially takes few seconds to load...after loading click on INSTALL... then you will see a folder like this..

select OK (don't change any boxes if you are not experienced with these things)
search for .ski file in your computer.. and then click OPEN

now the process starts, and you can see the progression at the bottom of SKIMAN

after the processing completes it says READY at the bottom

If you want to upload another skin then repeat steps 4 to 7
NOTE: The skins we are uploading to phone will occupy phone memory but not memory card.. and each skin will be nearly 500 Kb to 1 Mb. so depending on remaining available space we can upload other skins.. memory status of the phone memory will be shown at the bottom of SKIMAN(free space)

if you want any more information just go to COMMENTS box..

If you have completed uploading skins to phone, then go to MORE option and then RESTART THE PHONE,then wait for few seconds, then remove the phone.....

find skins installed in to ur phone.. go Phone Settings>Personalise>skins... select skin u want to apply.... enjoy.....


If you are not satisfied with ur skin or u want to change skins in phone then
  • connect the phone to computer
  • run SKIMAN
  • select(highlight) the skin you want to remove
  • click on DELETE option.... that's it.....

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Vandit said...

thanks alot bro, it really helped me..
its just can u even tell me where can i download ski files

Rajasekhar Reddy AVULA said...

thanks man. thanks for ur time... you can download skin files from my blogs posts or you can go to websites.. best is,,(anywhere you search for 176*220 skins)..