Friday, July 31, 2009

Installing Games

it's very easy to install games in our phone..

Compatible games:-

  • our phone screen size is 176*220., and our phone supports only JAVA games...
  • so we have to search for these specifications 176*220 java games anywhere....
    the websites for these games are
  • get jar:- follow the link Getjar
  • etc......
download from anywhere these games and save in computer....

installing into phone:-
  • connect the phone to your computer through datacabel
  • u will see a harddisc( mostly your memory card name) in your My Computer, open it
  • go to Mobile > kjava folder
  • copy the downloaded game from computer into kjava folder..(if your downloaded game file is in .rar or .zip format., copy it as it is, no need to extract)
  • then after installing games disconnect..
installing in phone:-
  • go to Games& Applications
  • press menu > switch storage device > select memory card > select install new > select the game you want to install in phone


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Monday, July 13, 2009

not recognising USB cable

if u have any problems in connecting phone to pc., then check for

  1. is motorola phone tools properly installed?
  2. usb cable is in good condition?
if both are excluded then try installing these drivers in system, download them from this link DRIVER
install it and then try to connect to pc....... enjoy

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Motorola Phone Tools

motorola phone tools is very useful when you want to transfer files from phone memory to pc.. it's original cd comes along with phone set.., but some may have lost it.. so i am giving the downloading link... extract the files from Rar file and install it..

  1. install the MPT
  2. connect phone to pc through data cabel
  3. start MPT program
  4. u can get detailed assistance as u go on....
things you can do with MPT
  • transfer videos,photos from phone memory to pc
  • transfer vice versa

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